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Amibroker Automation Through Presto Jobex Strategy

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Presto SmartCallExecutor Strategy

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FREE Data Feed For AMI Broker Users

Free Real Time Tick data feed with 1 sec Time Stamp along with Presto License.

Limited offer for Sept and Oct 2015.

Call Symphony “Support Team” or email “info@symphonyfintech.com”

– This will be valid for New Licenses or on Renewal of existing Licenses.

– This offer is valid for Clients of our Partner Brokers.

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PRESTO Pre-Packaged Strategies


Presto Jobex is a multi client trade execution strategy.

  • With this strategy user can intelligently execute their Entry into the market.
  • The user can also define their Exit beforehand to place Target orders, StopLoss orders, Trail the Stoploss etc.
  • It also allows the user to Slice his total Entry Qty. at four different target levels.
  • Thus the user can execute both Entry and Exit scientifically, without any human emotions.
  • User will be able to do effective trade management for multiple client account based on single Entry trigger.
  • User can also define the client-wise maximum loss limit for every symbol.
  • It also has the capability to accept triggers from third-party applications like Amibroker, MsExcel and custom built decision making software.
  • This strategy is both Intraday & Positional.



PrestoSmartJobbing is an Alpha Seeking Strategy. It is usually being used by jobbers who trade based on the breakout of High & Low. Its practically impossible to track basket of 50-100 symbols manually. This strategy is designed to meet the need of these type of traders.

  • In this strategy We subscribe to a basket of scrips in the input file.
  • The strategy will then filter out scrips with Open=Low or Open=High & will look for candle breakout entries in those scrips as per the parameters set in input file.
  • Scrips with Open=Low are considered for Buy side breakout while scrips with Open=High are considered for Sell side breakout.
  • After Entry the strategy will place Target & StopLoss orders at pre-defined levels.
  • It sets symbol-wise position sizing based on its StopLoss values thus allowing effective risk management.
  • The Strategy also calculates 6 different target levels (T1-T6), for Profit Levels. The Profit order will be placed at T6 while remaining target levels are used for trailing of stoploss.
  • A csv file mentioning the various target levels & their respective stoploss levels is generated by the strategy on the server.
  • At End Time the strategy will square-off all the open positions & cancel all open orders.



PrestoSmartCallExecutor is an execution strategy developed for traders who subscribe to signal providers for Buy/Sell decisions or generate signals through some other analytics. Through this strategy user will simply provide the trigger levels in a CSV or txt file & the strategy will accordingly execute the signals automatically.

  • In this strategy the user will write in Entry Price, Entry Qty., Profit Levels & Stoploss Levels in the csv or txt file.
  • The strategy will read this file & execute the signals as per the levels in the input file.
  • The user can write new signals any time in this file.
  • The strategy will read the file at fixed interval & look for any modifications if any for further execution.
  • As the Entry positions get filled the strategy will accordingly place the Profit & Stoploss Levels for those symbols.
  • This strategy is both Intraday & Positional.



PrestoSmart Executor is a simple LimitOrder modification execution strategy. Its a single client strategy.

  • This strategy will first place a Limit order as per the signal received.
  • It will then modify the strategy by user defined fixed number of ticks & at fixed time interval.
  • This process will continue till the no. of attempts defined by the user.
  • Finally it will replace the order to Market or cancel the order.
  • It also has the capability to accept triggers from third-party applications like Amibroker, MsExcel and custom built decision making software.
  • This strategy is both Intraday & Positional.


PrestoBracketOrder Strategy

PrestoBracket Order is a simple single client trade execution strategy. It has been designed for traders who punch in manual orders. This strategy helps user to intelligently execute his Entries & Exits.

  • The user can simply press F11 or F12 button to Enter Buy or Sell order respectively.
  • Simultaneously the user can define his Targets  & StopLoss levels.
  • The user can also define these Target levels & StopLoss in Absolute & Percentage terms.
  • Once the Entry Order is filled the strategy will place the Target & StopLoss level as defined by the user
  • This is an Intraday strategy.


PrestoOTC Strategy

PrestoOTC is an execution strategy designed for traders who trade in bulk orders.

  • PrestoOTC strategy is designed for manual traders to achieve better average price from a defined price range rather than the limit price as defined by the user.
  • OTC tracks market quotes and changes the bid/ask price and places part-order to exchange, thereby enhancing the overall buy/sell price.
  • It also allows you to add a volume filter based on total traded quantity.
  • Thus it results in less slippages for traders who punch in large chunk of orders.
  • This is a single client based strategy for HNI clients interested in trading in large quantity.


PrestoSmartPivot Strategy

PrestoPivot is an execution strategy developed for researchers/traders who trade using Pivot Calculations. Pivot Levels are calculated using Open-High-Low-Close levels of previous day. It usually consists of Support Levels & Resistance Levels.

  • Trader will provide the Support & Resistance trigger levels in a CSV or txt file & the strategy will accordingly execute the signals automatically.
  • Strategy will take Entry if the Market takes the defined Support (or Resistance) and breaches Long Entry values (or the Short Entry values).
  • On Entry, Strategy will automatically place the Target orders (two slices of 50% qty each) alongwith StopLoss order.
  • Once the Target is hit, StopLoss will automatically get cancelled or vice-versa.
  • This is a Multi-client Strategy, where trades will be done on behalf of multiple clients as defined.
  • Its an Intraday Strategy. All positions will be closed at the end of Strategy Time.


PrestoSmartPair Strategy

PrestoPairTrading is an Alpha Seeking Strategy designed for traders who trade in virtually any Market conditions: Uptrend, downtrend or sideways movement. This strategy is based on Monitoring and Comparing the performance of two historically correlated symbols. When the correlation between the two securities temporarily weakens, i.e. one stock moves up while the other moves down, the pairs trade would be to short the outperforming stock and to long the underperforming one.

  • This is a 2Leg Intraday Strategy designed for FO and CM segments.
  • User has to choose two correlated Symbols on which they want to do Pair trading.
  • User then have to choose a price difference between these two symbols
  • Strategy will compare the Spread and decide placing Buy/Sell order when opportunity strikes.
  • This process will have multiple entry and exits based on Market movements.


PrestoSmartTrading Strategy

PrestoSmartTrading is an execution strategy which is based on bidding concept to make maximum profit. This strategy has been designed for traders who want to execute single leg trade at the best possible price, which is practically impossible with Manual Trading. These traders spend most of their time researching the opportunities in the market and execute the trades at best price while bidding through this strategy.

  • This is an Intraday strategy developed for FO and CM segments.
  • User has to select the Symbol on which they want bidding along with some other parameters like Side (Buy/Sell) etc
  • Strategy will check the Best Bid/Ask price depending upon the type of order to be submitted. Become best bidder by incrementing/decrementing best bid/ask by input value.
  • Strategy will maintain the gap with the previous bid in the order book.
  • Strategy is also having a feature to either bid in Aggressive mode or Non-Aggressive Mode. depending upon the trader’s urgency to execute trade.


PrestoSmartSwing Strategy

PrestoSmartSwing is an Alpha Seeking strategy which is based on high low break out concept with Swing feature. This strategy is basically designed for traders who always want to be available into the market with some positions.

  • This is an Intraday strategy developed for FO segment.
  • Strategy will place the entry order (Buy/Sell) based on high low breakout for a defined candle time frame.
  • Once entry is filled, it will place the Stop Loss order of double quantity. One is to square off the entry order and second one is to take a new position.
  • This process will keep going on till Market closes at end of trading hours.


PrestoFuseAB – An AMI Broker based trading system

PrestoFuseAB is an Ami Broker based trading system for Technical Analysts.

  • Strategies created on AmiBroker charting application and buy and sell signals are plotted on the chart accordingly (an up arrow for a buy signal and a down arrow for a sell signal).
  • These triggers are then passed to Presto using PrestoFuseAB PlugIn (AMI-Presto bridge) where they are being shown and executed.
  • The triggers can be used either for single account or multi account trading.
  • The triggers can be passed either directly to the PrestoOMS or via an Execution Strategy (such as PrestoJobEx) to add some more Rules / Filters.
  • Advance features available to send Qty, Trailing StopLoss and various other parameters from AMI Broker to Presto for further execution.


PrestoFuseXL – An Excel based trading system

PrestoFuseXL is an API based trading system designed for traders who works on MS Excel for developing their strategies using Macros.

  • This strategy creates an alert with in MS Excel based on internal logic developed using Macros.
  • These triggers are then passed to Presto using PrestoFuseXL (MS Excel-Presto bridge) where they are been shown and executed or give signal to additional linked execution strategy programs for further execution.
  • Data Feed and Execution Report APIs available to develop complete Front-End UI.
  • This strategy can be used either for single account or multi account trading.
  • The triggers can be passed either directly to the PrestoOMS or via an Execution Strategy (such as PrestoJobEx) to add some more Rules / Filters.


Presto API Solutions

Presto APIs are available as under to develop custom strategies and external applications:

  • Using Presto strategy APIs, user can develop their own custom strategy based on proprietary logics.
  • Using Presto gateway APIs, user can integrate their Black Box strategies with Presto Order Management System.
  • APIs are available to build and communicate with Java, .NET, Python, XML, Java Script and HTML applications.
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Symphony Presto™ ATS

Symphony Presto™ ATS is a comprehensive platform to Design, Test, Execute and Monitor fully automated trading algos using asset classes available in MCX & NSE. Presto provides a framework to deploy your trading algos with Live Market Data & Direct Market Access (DMA).

Presto provides users the ability to create, test and deploy Trading & Execution strategies and algorithms. Presto’s user interface enables traders to manage & control strategies in real-time.

Following are some of the  Strategies that have been developed and running live on Presto:

  • Jobbing
  • Technical Indicator based
  • Chart based
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Execution Strategies(TWAP,VWAP,SOR…etc)
  • MS Excel / Spreadsheet based
  • And many more…..
For more info please go through our brochure:
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ATMA Mumbai 15th Monthly Educational Meeting

Symphony FinTech has been committed towards educating Indian Capital Market on the Algorithmic Trading. ATMA India ATMA, the Association of Technical Market Analysts , invited Symphony to educate the same to its members. The Association of Technical Market Analysts is the only association in India that is affiliated to the Market Technicians Association, Inc. also popularly called the MTA (www.mta.org)

Our CTO, Mr. Sanjay Das gave a detailed presentation on Automating Technical Analysis based trading. Meeting was well received by everyone and nearly 150 members attended the same. Please go through the pics http://www.atma-india.net/component/option,com_phocagallery/Itemid,209/id,39/view,category/

Also, i am attaching few of my favorite pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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ATMA Mumbai 15th Monthly Educational Meeting: Learn Automated Technical Analysis based Trading


ATMA India with Symphony Fintech is having a meet for ATMA members on Automating Technical Analysis based trading. Meeting will be on 26th Nov and speaker will be our CTO, Mr. Sanjay Das.

Synopsis of the topics

Topic : Automating Technical Trading in India

1. Why automate ?
2. Trading algos vs. Execution Algos
3. Major players: Foreign/Domestic
4. Practical hurdles: lease lines, historical data etc
5. Regulatory Hurdles
6. A case study

Benefits for ATMA members

This talk will focus on the practical aspect of using Charting software tools in the Indian context.

This is not a discussion on a particular charting topic. We are not going to talk about finding patterns or other ways to generate alpha from a charting hypothesis. We assume that you already know a lot of such theories & now, you are eager to use some software tools, so that you can automate these ideas.
So, why automate  ? What are the benefits ? Once you decide to automate, what challenges will you face ? Technical Issues ? Compliance Issues ?
We will discuss these issues in detail. At the end of this discussion, you will be ready to automatically trade from your charts, if you decide to do so.

Profile of Mr. Das:


 For further Info: 
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Seminar for Inter-Connect Stock Exchange (ISE India) members on benefits of Algo Trading

ISE India to continue their dominance in the technology field among brokers, invited Symphony FinTech for educating there members on benefits of Algo Trading and how Presto Algo Trading System can increase profit for them . Seminar was attended by 70 Sub-Brokers of ISE Securities India. Following were the topics discussed:

What Symphony’s Presto ATS can do for ISE India:

Enable ISE India’s Members to:
 • Connect to Multiple Exchanges (NSE/BSE/MCX etc.)

Seminar with ISE

• Trade in Multiple Instruments (Cash, F&O, Forex,

Members will be able to:
• Do Smart-Manual Trading
• Trade from charts
• Trade from Microsoft Excel
• Trade from Amibroker
• Trade with algos pre-packaged with Presto
• Create their own algos/ use 3rd party algos

Clients will receive best execution via :
• Smart Order Routing (SoR)
• Custom 'Execution Algos‘

Overall Cost of Algo Trading
 How Traders/Investors are benefitting from Algo Trading In India
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Symphony FinTech gets approval of three Algo Trading Strategies for a broker from NSE

Symphony FinTech has been guiding Indian Brokers to enter the field of Automated Trading or Algorithmic Trading since long. In this endeavor, SFT got the approval for Three Algo Strategies for a Broker, from National Stock Exchange. Two of the strategies were developed for the prop-desk of the broker while, one of them was developed for the broker’s client.

1. Scalping Strategy

2. Bidding Strategy

3. High Low Break Out Strategy

All the strategies were developed over Symphony’s Presto Studio and will be running on Symphony’s Presto ATS. Presto ATS  is considered widely  as the best platform to Develop / Back- Test / Execute Live, Technical Indicator based Strategies in India.


Symphony Presto™OMS


Symphony Presto™ OMS includes an Order Routing System for accepting orders from External Providers via standard protocols and/or an Order-Loader and routes them to multiple exchanges, persistence layer backed by a database (MySQL is installed with the product) and authentication. Provides API/asynchronous-events to query status of any order (Pending/FILLed…). Comes with a BIRT-based Reporting engine & custom-reports.

Our OMS can be connected with various thrid party tools like MS Excel, AmiBroker, .NET etc. For complete details of features of Presto OMS please go through  Presto_Order_Management_System