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Amibroker Automation Through Presto Jobex Strategy

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QuantInsti – Algorithmic Trading in India – 8May2016

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Webinar on BracketOrder Strategy



Webinar on BracketOrder Strategy

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to attend our Webinar on launch of our BracketOrder Strategy on Presto, Symphony’s futuristic Algo Trading Platform.

Webinar Date: Monday, 30th May 2016.

Time: 5 PM

Agenda for the Webinar:

1. Challenges faced by Manual Traders and how BracketOrder Strategy can help
2. Product features of PrestoBracketOrder Strategy
3. Demo of PrestoBracketOrder Strategy
4. Demo of Presto Algo Trading Platform and Paper Trading
5. Q & A
Kindly register by clicking on below link:
Bracket 31 Jun 2016
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FREE Data Feed For AMI Broker Users

Free Real Time Tick data feed with 1 sec Time Stamp along with Presto License.

Limited offer for Sept and Oct 2015.

Call Symphony “Support Team” or email “info@symphonyfintech.com”

– This will be valid for New Licenses or on Renewal of existing Licenses.

– This offer is valid for Clients of our Partner Brokers.

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Symphony Presto™ Fuse AB: Complete interface for AmiBroker

Presto™ Fuse AB

Presto can be used to automate AmiBroker based trading strategies. One can write strategies in AmiBroker using AFL and trade directly with an Exchange (NSE/MCX) using Presto. Additionally, Presto™ enables such strategies to receive live market data (ask/bid/LTP etc.).

Main Features of Presto™ Fuse AB

Enables AmiBroker based strategies to
• Direct Order placement from AmiBroker to Exchange
• Add Quantity/Lot Size to the triggers for Automated Trading
• Automate selected strategies
• Customize execution strategies
• Complete order management through Presto Dashboard

For more details take a look at the Product Brochure:


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Seminar for Inter-Connect Stock Exchange (ISE India) members on benefits of Algo Trading

ISE India to continue their dominance in the technology field among brokers, invited Symphony FinTech for educating there members on benefits of Algo Trading and how Presto Algo Trading System can increase profit for them . Seminar was attended by 70 Sub-Brokers of ISE Securities India. Following were the topics discussed:

What Symphony’s Presto ATS can do for ISE India:

Enable ISE India’s Members to:
 • Connect to Multiple Exchanges (NSE/BSE/MCX etc.)

Seminar with ISE

• Trade in Multiple Instruments (Cash, F&O, Forex,

Members will be able to:
• Do Smart-Manual Trading
• Trade from charts
• Trade from Microsoft Excel
• Trade from Amibroker
• Trade with algos pre-packaged with Presto
• Create their own algos/ use 3rd party algos

Clients will receive best execution via :
• Smart Order Routing (SoR)
• Custom 'Execution Algos‘

Overall Cost of Algo Trading
 How Traders/Investors are benefitting from Algo Trading In India
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