Presto SMT: For Manual Traders

Symphony PrestoATS is a comprehensive platform to Design, Test, Execute and Monitor fully automated trading algos using asset classes available in MCX & NSE. Presto provides a framework to deploy your trading algos with Live Market Data & Direct Market Access (DMA).

Presto SMT is for Manual Traders, who do not have an automated ‘Entry’ ‘Exit’ logic, but would like the execution orders like Bracket Orders (Stop Loss, Profit Target), Trailing Stop Loss, Slicing of Profit Targets, Auto Square Off at EOD, execution of orders in Multi Client Accounts with user management etc.

For Brochure Presto SMT


15 thoughts on “Presto SMT: For Manual Traders

  1. varun says:

    what is prie for presto fully automatic trading with my own strategy .call me 8699177601

  2. gourav says:

    symphonyfintech is costlier way of automatic Trading. first they have all annual plans which are not worth. monthly plans are double priced up
    .1 .if you trade via AMIBROKER you pay more monthly fees + data plan from reconized data vendor cost 2000 extra
    2 .if you trade via their platform. they charge you minimum 15000 for coding + 10000 exchange fees
    so no benefit
    3.if you code strategy from freelancer then you have to pay addition 15000 api charges .
    4 tie with brokers who have high brokerage charge. no unlimited monthly plan. you pay half of amount of profit as a brokerage + govt taxes

    if you have large trading capital and good trading tested strategy then you may get out some money from auto trading or sooner or later you will be out of market

    I heard Zerodha will launching their automatic trading platform at low cost. if it ok then trade with them

    best way to trade automatically is forex trading. just get good ea or signal on any vps ( cost min 10$) and enjoy automatic trading

    INDIA is very much backward in automatic trading

    • We have different licenses to suit various type of traders. Our License Fee starts from Rs 1000 per month. We have Monthly, Quarterly and Annual plans as per the budget and comfort of the Traders. Usually Traders start with small capital as low as Rs. 25,000/- and than enhance their limits as they build up their confidence.

      We are a Technology company and give our Traders choice to select from our Partner Brokers. Some of our Partner Brokers are very aggressive and are able to provide lowest brokerage of the industry.

      Being pioneers we will keep upgrading our solutions by providing feature rich products at value for money prices. We are the only company in India to provide customised automated trading solutions to all the type of trading methodologies currently being used by the Active Traders in India.

      You may contact us on to define the best suited trading solution for your purpose.

    • akki says:

      zerodha dont provide semi auto trading

  3. Praveen Kumar says:

    Is the strategy we feed confidential ? How do you or your partner brokers ensure this ?

    • Hi Praveen,

      When we develop the custom strategy for you, we sign a confidentiality agreement.
      When the strategy is coded, source code is not deployed on Broker’s server. Only the executables are deployed on the Trading servers. Other ways to protect your strategies are:
      – You may use our Strategy APIs and get your strategy coded either yourself or through your own programmers
      – Get the strategy developed in a manner that it is deployed on your machine instead of Broker’s Trading Server

      You may contact us on or Sales at +91-22-40190900/0919 to answer your specific querries.

  4. gourav says:

    do you reduced your charges or it still same?

  5. Hi Gourav,
    Those who found Symphony costly, they should take advantage of Special Offer jointly launched with Composite Edge. Please read this post on our Blog …..
    It is a limited offer, so please contact us immediately to avail the same.


  6. bhushan says:

    i am doing system trading manually . do you sell any system with backtested reports.or guide us about trading system designers

    • Hello Bhushan,
      We have choice of Execution Strategies (such as JobEx, SmartExecutor, SmartCallExecutor, etc) and Trading Strategies (such as SmartPivot, SmartJobbing, SmartPair etc).

      Execution Strategies will simplify your trading by easing out execution of the opportunities identified by you, either manually or in 3rd party system such as charts.

      In Trading strategy, the performance will depend upon the Stocks you choose and the parameters you provide. These are typical methods used by most of the Algo Traders which we have programmed for convenience and automation.

      As a next step to Manual Trading, you may want to use our BracketOrder strategy which will monitor and execute your Entry and Exits efficiently.


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