Symphony in your City

Dear Traders,

We have initiated our summer campaign to visit Five cities during the next few months. We have already covered Mumbai & Coimbatore, in partnership with and are overwhelmed with the response. Please see the slide show for some of the visuals ..

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We are initiating a poll wherein, you the traders, will decide the next city we shall come for our next workshop!! Please share it among your fellow traders as well!!


18 thoughts on “Symphony in your City

  1. Raghuveer Singh Rathore says:

    Want to know how an individual can use the APIs. I am a software professional and want to automate trading based on strategies that I have developed.

  2. Ankit Jallan says:

    I have developed an indicator using AFL in Amibroker. Have backtested it over 3 years and results are satisfactory. How can I automate it using ur services and the cost involved in such automation..

    • Hello Ankit,
      We provide 4 levels of execution for AmiBroker strategies.
      1st Level: Execute AmiBroker signals as Market Order for fastest execution
      2nd Level: Execute AmiBroker signals as Limit Order and run 2nd level execution algo, Presto Smart Executor, in which you may pre-define how to smartly execute this limit order if not executed in few seconds/minutes
      3rd Level: Watch this video
      4th Level: For any kind of custom execution we will develop it just for you.

      • Ankit Jallan says:

        I already have a strategy developed using afl in amibroker.. I m using RKSV as my broker and using Nest trader.. As I have understood till now, can u pls elaborate further on how much will b the cost for setting up the automation process by u..
        Next, the afl has four types of order. BUY,SELL, SHORT and COVER.. All 4 has to be used..And closing price of the candle is taken as ENTRY or EXIT level..

        My requirements:
        1. I will trade on 2 stocks initially.. Say Stock A and stock B.. The calls will be generated on the SPOT price chart and the trade has to be executed on the current month futures of the respective stock..

        2. Number of stock which appear to be 2 above will increase with time.. It will be a mix of Indices and stocks..

        3. No of lots per scrip (like Stock A, StockB, Index A) will differ and will remain fix.. For example.. if the standard lot size if say 50 for Index A, then I may require u to fix a std size of say 200 for evry trade order on that Index.. And this qty should be manually variable..Meaning, I should have the liberty to change it when I want..

        These are my initial requirements.. If these can be programmed, pls let me know and also the cost associated with it..

        You have my email to respond back.. If u wish, u can reply me there..


  3. Rohan says:

    I have an indicator and strategy in mt4 ( mql) thats I use in NSE FUT and MCX.
    Any options for me to automate?
    It need not be off the MT4 platform as long as the indicator runs the same if converted to say AFL ot excel. Would you’ll be able to convert the same


    • Hello Rohan,
      We are at the last stage of approval for MT4 with official MT4 team for Indian Market. It will still take 1 month for a trader to go live with MT4 based logic. Immediately, you may get the logic converted to AFL(AmiBroker) or we can connect you our AmiBroker consultants who will be able to do so for you. Send us a mail on this.

      • Rohan says:

        When you say approval for mt4 and official MT4 team do you mean a trader will have ability to trade off MT4 directly like forex etc abroad ? or did you mean some other way?

        If so, thats great news and definitely worth a months wait. If that doesnt pan out I will explore the conversion options you mentioned.
        Appreciate the quick reply

  4. Ram says:

    Add Pune to the list

  5. Thanks Ram for your interest. Pls also send us email on to get connected so that we know your expectations of the trading technologies.

  6. Ram says:

    I have a strategy in excel.. I need to semi automate it.. with a single click ur should buy or sell with the required number of qty n type of order.. is it possible? What r the charges?

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