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6 thoughts on “Presto Virtual Exchange

  1. PK MEHRA says:

    1.) I m holding account with Zerodha and RKSV , both are using NEST software, is it possible to use NEST with Amibroker(trial version) instead of Presto software. 2.) Can u provide backtest results of your afl before implementation, or I have one AFL with good backtest result, can I use it but I dont know whether it will push orders or not. 3.) is it possible to trade in MCX commodity through your system. Regards.

    • Dear Mr. Mehra – Pls see the pointwise reply here …
      1. Symphony has developed PRESTO, a complete enterprise level Algo trading platform, which connects directly to Exchange, similar to NEST and offered through couple of partner Brokers. AMI Broker PlugIn (PrestoFuseAB) works ONLY with Presto. For you to use PrestoFuseAB, you should have an account with our Partner Brokers. At this moment we do not provide solutions through the Brokers mentioned by you.
      2. We are an Algo Trading Platform and we expect you to bring your own AFLs. Any AFL which is able to generate Buy/Sell triggers can be automated with Presto using our PrestoFuseAB plugIn.
      3. Yes. we provide trading solutions for MCX through our partner Brokers.

      You may connect with us on for details.

  2. Sanjeevani says:

    Hope Symphony Fintech does tie ups with more brokers to market their algo solution at lower rates as it seems due to only few clients the running costs are high.
    Metatrader4 (MT4) which is a renowned free software can be automated to do similar job of charting and sending orders to the backend broker terminals. There are many software companies offering solution with integrate with NEST , ODIN or NOW terminals without any issues.

  3. Sanjeevani,

    We also provide MT4 integrated trading solution.
    Our solutions are robust and complied with regulatory approvals.
    Please check and confirm the regulatory compliance and approved solutions as there are many unapproved solutions available in the market.

    Send us your mail at to give you more details.


  4. nitin says:

    can i test my algo using amibroker in a virtual environment.

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