Symphony Membership Club

For the first time in India, Symphony is inviting Indian Trading enthusiasts to join our Paper Trading Club. Paper Trading is essential for Traders, before they go live with their strategies to ensure that Strategy will work in Live in the current market scenarios as expected. It has been observed that BackTesting and PaperTrading over charting tools does not give you a clear picture of the market & results in slippages. Paper Trading with Presto VirtEx takes the Live feed with Bid / Ask values and creates an environment similar to live trading and shows whether it is safe to go live or some tweaking is required.

Become a member of Symphony’s Paper Trading club now by paying Rs. 1,124/- only (Pay Online Here). You will join the elite list of Indian traders who are one step ahead with Automated Trading!!!

For Terms & Conditions: CLICKHERE



4 thoughts on “Symphony Membership Club

  1. Anirudh Sharma says:

    I would like to partner with you as I have sub-brokership. I have a client base of more than 50 clients and all my clients are trading on their own. So I would like to discuss any sort of opportunity that can be beneficial for both of us.

  2. Symphony says:

    Looking forward to discuss with you the possibilities. Please call us 8390313603 and lets take it forward

  3. Rajesh Mittal says:

    Give moredetails for smaller traders
    Phone 9416458649

    • As a Trader you may be having some method to decide what you want to Buy / Sell and why?
      Whatever Manual Trading you are doing, you may do the same using our BracketOrder Strategy or SmartCallExecutor Strategy (includes Bulk upload). These strategies will help you efficient execution of your Manual Trades.

      Further you should look for Rules (if convenient, on Ami Broker) to define Entry/Exit opportunities and automate through our Presto Trading Platform.
      In case you are buying Calls from some Tips provider, you may use our SmartCallExecutor strategy to efficiently execute such opportunities.


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