Symphony Presto OMS

Symphony Presto™ OMS includes an Order Routing System for accepting orders from External Providers via standard protocols and/or an Order-Loader and routes them to multiple exchanges, persistence layer backed by a database (MySQL is installed with the product) and authentication. Provides API/asynchronous-events to query status of any order (Pending/FILLed…). Comes with a BIRT-based Reporting engine & custom-reports.

Our OMS can be connected with various thrid party tools like MS Excel, AmiBroker, .NET etc. For complete details of features of Presto OMS please go through  Presto_Order_Management_System


7 thoughts on “Symphony Presto OMS

  1. Suyog says:

    can i use this for sharekhan tradetiger and amibroker

  2. We provide fully automated trading with AmiBroker. You should have account with one of our following Partner Brokers:
    – Composite Edge
    – India Infoline
    – Master Trust
    – Nirmal Bang
    – PhillipCapital
    – Reliance Securities

    Some more coming up soon ….
    We are not active with Sharekhan as of now

  3. Zenilton Mello says:

    I’ve been looking for an OMS solution to connect my Amibroker with a Brazilian broker. Would your solution work?

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