Presto Fuse XL: Automated Trading for Excel based Trading Applications

Symphony, with Presto suite of Algo Trading Solutions, has been providing smart trading systems for many years now. Presto Fuse XL, is for Excel based Trading Applications , where formula-tions/Macros via VB Scripting etc is used for generating signals. With Presto & via Symphony’s Partner brokers, trade in the LIVE as well as Paper Trading environment (Presto VirtEx).

For FUSE XL Reference Manual please CLICKHERE





Features of Presto Fuse XL:

  • Get Level II Market Data Feed (if the Excel strategy is kept within LAN of the Presto Application Server)
  • Send Orders from Excel to Exchange directly using Presto Server
  • Get Exchange Execution Reports from Presto back to Excel
  • MS Excel-Presto Fuse AB-Exchange
  • Communication directly with Presto Application Server (against thru Dealer terminal in competitive solutions)
  • Use Smart Execution Algos like Presto JobEX to get maximum returns of your Excel Signals
  • Execute orders in Multi Client codes with individual SL,PT,TSL etc.
  • Use Live Broadcast Data into your Formulas/Macros and send orders to Presto VirtEx (Virtual Exchange) & get real-time performance reports with Paper Money to test your strategy before going LIVE.

For Presto Fuse XL Brochure please CLICKHERE  

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4 thoughts on “Presto Fuse XL: Automated Trading for Excel based Trading Applications

  1. Ashok Parwani says:

    sir , I would like to see demo , pl call me 9226149541 , thanks

  2. PRADEEP says:

    Dear i want to get your PRESTO FUSE XL: AUTOMATED TRADING FOR EXCEL BASED TRADING APPLICATIONS what to do & wHat is the cost for me as i already using live rt data from you for my excel software for f&o my id is ej016 from last 3 months plz help me. & reply me early or call me M-08853989168

  3. Pankaj Singh says:

    Can this excel work with other sites like

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