Automate external Decision Making Tools (AmiBroker,Spider,MSXL..)with Presto

Presto OMS includes an Order Routing System for accepting orders from external Decision Making Tools  and routes them to multiple exchanges, persistence layer backed by a database and authentication on.

Indian Traders have been using Research Tools like MetaStock, MetaLab, MT4,MT5, MSExcel, AmiBroker etc. to arrive at a decision on when to ‘Enter’ ‘Exit’ the market along with quantity to trade with, scrips to trade with etc. This is what we call as ‘Opportunity Generation’ strategy.

After generating the signals, manual trader punch in the orders over CTCL applications like Neat/ODIN and decide on the Stop Loss/Profit Targets/Trailing SL/MultiClient Execution etc. All this when done manually results in non-performance of the triggers generated via your research tool.

Symphony has addressed this concern of Indian Algo Traders with Presto Fuse which can be directly connected with following research Tools:

1. AmiBroker

2. Microsoft Excel

3. TradeStation

4. Spider

5. Presto ATS

These ‘Entry’ ‘Exit’ signals can also be coupled with an intelligent execution algos like ‘Presto JobEx‘ for superior profits and better execution. For further details visit

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4 thoughts on “Automate external Decision Making Tools (AmiBroker,Spider,MSXL..)with Presto

  1. Ashok Parwani says:

    sir , I would to see demo of fuse xl, my mobile number call me…..thanks

  2. maulin shah says:

    Respected sir,

    hello sir this is my first post to you.
    i m active trader cum jobber in market since last 4 years and i m interested in hft and auto trading software.

    But i have some confusion in my mind about what is exact is auto trading and what about all setup for this trading software needed??

    sir i have some ideas in my mind will you help me for that ideas became in auto trading.
    it’s roughly is if share price is going above some mention price auto machine take buy side of pre define no. of share with sl of little more below mention price and target would be as per in my pre mention. same things work for sell side. this is my though but how its be work in terminal that thing you have to mention it me.pls and first of all i would check my strategy in paper trading or in virtual mkt. There is some other ideas also in my mind.

    and main thing what about for setup cost for me.

    pls guide me i m really interested.

    thank you..

  3. Maulin,

    We have a Virtual Trading Platform wherein with Live Feed and Virtual Exchange you may practice your algo trading. Our Virtual Exchange will give you Live like behaviour without risking your capital. You may join our Paper Trading Club with a joining Fee of Rs. 1000/- (plus taxes) to understand the automated trading and practice with pre-packaged rule based execution.

    Your idea can easily be traded on our Trading Platform using PrestoJobEx execution.

    Send us an email at for further details.


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