Non-HFT pre-packaged strategies of Presto ATS

In this month, we are going to give a brief of different type of strategies available in our platform. The attempt is make you realize how day-today trading logic can be made profitable, if we automate the whole process. One of the execution strategy, JobEx is for technical charts users who generate triggers and are looking for an execution Algo to properly execute these triggers. JobEx is a smart execution logic pre-approved by multiple exchanges.

Presto JobEx

a. Introduction:

Technical Analysts carry out the research with Moving Averages and other Technical

Indicators and develop their logic on charting applications to generate Buy / Sell Triggers. As

soon as the Trigger is generated on the Charts, they send the triggers to clients thru Dealers,

SMS, Calls, eMails requesting them to push the Trades through their Trading Platform. This

delay in receiving the triggers and acting upon it loses the strength of the signal. Even if

someone is next to the charting application and ready to act upon it immediately, one faces

the evils of Human Emotions and decides not to act on it (or delay the decision to act) at

times and loses the opportunity. Researchers have always felt the need to automate their

triggers to avoid such issues and increase profitability.



Symphony has developed the technology to do full automation of Triggers generated on

AMI Broker & Microsoft Excel (Macros based logic). These triggers can further be processed

through the custom Execution Strategy of Presto to filter out some triggers and enhance

the overall profitability.


II. Specific Features:

1 Strategy allows Manual Entry of triggers, in addition to the automated triggers from AMI

Broker/MS XL.

2 On every trigger the Qty defined as per Input parameters will be used to send Orders to

Exchange. On Execution of this Entry Order, Strategy may send 4 level Profit Taking Orders(Slicing)

at the defined Exit Price and also send Stop Loss order.

3 If same side triggers are recd than it will accumulate the positions.

4 On Reverse trigger Strategy will square-off all the balance open positions. Also it will

create fresh positions on the opposite side.

5 Auto square-off of all pending positions at Strategy End Time.


III. Some additional features:

1. Send orders in Multi client accounts with pre-defined bracket orders.

2. Trail your SL as well as Entry trigger(to get maximum profit, in case of market

moving in an unfavorable direction on the generation of trigger)

3. Send SL which is not triggered when there are spikes.

4. Define Maximum Loss level Symbol/Client/Strategy wise.

5. Make an entry in the market only when the conditions are in your favor by

defining Entry range of triggers with our unique features: a. Entry Coefficient & Entry Coverage


These are just 50% of the features in JobEx. JobEx insures maximum profits of your

Third party tool based triggers. For more info. or free trial of Presto JobEx visit

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