Symphony Presto™ ATS

Symphony Presto™ ATS is a comprehensive platform to Design, Test, Execute and Monitor fully automated trading algos using asset classes available in MCX & NSE. Presto provides a framework to deploy your trading algos with Live Market Data & Direct Market Access (DMA).

Presto provides users the ability to create, test and deploy Trading & Execution strategies and algorithms. Presto’s user interface enables traders to manage & control strategies in real-time.

Following are some of the  Strategies that have been developed and running live on Presto:

  • Jobbing
  • Technical Indicator based
  • Chart based
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Execution Strategies(TWAP,VWAP,SOR…etc)
  • MS Excel / Spreadsheet based
  • And many more…..
For more info please go through our brochure:
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2 thoughts on “Symphony Presto™ ATS

  1. kanchan gupta says:

    i am useing nest trader, i have formulated some signal in excell sheet, i want to have order window automatically displayed based on excell sheet in bracket order format with auto fill of SL /TARGET based on excell sheet.. final order shall be placed manually. so i need a API for placement of order from excell sheet.

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