Symphony Presto™ Fuse AB: Complete interface for AmiBroker

Presto™ Fuse AB

Presto can be used to automate AmiBroker based trading strategies. One can write strategies in AmiBroker using AFL and trade directly with an Exchange (NSE/MCX) using Presto. Additionally, Presto™ enables such strategies to receive live market data (ask/bid/LTP etc.).

Main Features of Presto™ Fuse AB

Enables AmiBroker based strategies to
• Direct Order placement from AmiBroker to Exchange
• Add Quantity/Lot Size to the triggers for Automated Trading
• Automate selected strategies
• Customize execution strategies
• Complete order management through Presto Dashboard

For more details take a look at the Product Brochure:


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2 thoughts on “Symphony Presto™ Fuse AB: Complete interface for AmiBroker

  1. varun says:

    please provide data feed in AMIBROKER. taking data from other source mismatch price between AMIBROKER and presto.

    • Hi, Thanks for the message, however, Presto does not have historical data. Anyways, your trigger generation is based on AmiBroker price, but order will be executed based on the live market. For example, AmiBroker shows LTP as 7600 but in the Presto it is 7600.05, so order will be executed at 7600.05. Reason is AmiBroker gets internet based data while Presto gets live broadcast data from exchange.

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