ATMA Mumbai 15th Monthly Educational Meeting: Learn Automated Technical Analysis based Trading


ATMA India with Symphony Fintech is having a meet for ATMA members on Automating Technical Analysis based trading. Meeting will be on 26th Nov and speaker will be our CTO, Mr. Sanjay Das.

Synopsis of the topics

Topic : Automating Technical Trading in India

1. Why automate ?
2. Trading algos vs. Execution Algos
3. Major players: Foreign/Domestic
4. Practical hurdles: lease lines, historical data etc
5. Regulatory Hurdles
6. A case study

Benefits for ATMA members

This talk will focus on the practical aspect of using Charting software tools in the Indian context.

This is not a discussion on a particular charting topic. We are not going to talk about finding patterns or other ways to generate alpha from a charting hypothesis. We assume that you already know a lot of such theories & now, you are eager to use some software tools, so that you can automate these ideas.
So, why automate  ? What are the benefits ? Once you decide to automate, what challenges will you face ? Technical Issues ? Compliance Issues ?
We will discuss these issues in detail. At the end of this discussion, you will be ready to automatically trade from your charts, if you decide to do so.

Profile of Mr. Das:

 For further Info: 
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