Symphony Presto for Prop Desk

Prop Desks in India are going through an interesting phase since the beginning of Algo Trading. Symphony FinTech is one of the few Financial Technology Companies in India that provides an Algo Development Platform for Prop Desks.

Symphony FinTech has worked with few of the biggest Prop Desks in India and solved their Algo Trading related concerns. With our experience, we have learned the issues that Prop Desks of India faces. To address these concerns SFT has come out with customized solutions for them.

Symphony Presto™ enables Prop desk’s to:

  • Do Algo-trading based on Intra-day Market-data
  • Automate strategies based on Technical Indicators or Fundamentals
  •  Design, Execute, Back-test their proprietary Strategy
  •  See strategy wise report; compare any strategy on the basis of any parameters.
  •  Decreased the turnaround time of strategy from development to trading in Live Market
  • Increase the opportunities-to-order conversion rate significantly.
  • Trade in multiple segments with numerous symbols
  • Develop Cascaded Algo Strategies based on our rich GUI.
  • Achieve flexibility to accommodate future changes, hence, reduce future cost.
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  1. […] the strategies were developed over Symphony’s Presto™ Studio and will be running on Symphony’s Presto™ ATS. 19.118311 72.863360 Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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