Algo Trading for Active Traders/ Retail

 Retail Brokers** in India are looking for ways to take the Industry to the next level. We at Symphony FinTech have understood the future and have developed an Enterprise Version for Retail Brokers where Brokers can provide their strategies to retail clients and even provide them a platform where they can design, execute their own strategies.

SFT_Brochure_for_Active Traders

Symphony Presto™ ATS (Enterprise Version) enables Broker/Client to:

  • Enable Retail broker to provide their Black Box, Grey Box Strategies to the Active Clients/Traders
  • Manage different levels of Clients/ Trader’ s availability of features
  • Segregate the Clients/Traders on the basis of various parameters.
  • Manage RMS parameters for different clients
  • Allow back testing facility to optimize their strategy.
  • Create their own Proprietary Strategies
  • Single Platform for running Multiple Strategies, trade with Multiple Data vendors and Multiple Exchanges with Multiple Segments

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**NOTE: At present if an active trader wants to do Algo Trading in Indian Market:
             a. He/She should declare himself/herself as a Franchisee/Sub-Broker/Office of the respective Broker
             b. He/She should be NCFM certified.
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